How to apply

We welcome applications from individuals, individual members of groups and organisations, and collective applications from groups and organisations with a nominated lead-applicant.

All applicants are asked to complete a one-page application form. If you wish, you may also submit along with the completed application form a creative illustration of your ideas for the residency in the form of one A4 page of creative writing or visual art (poetry, photography, artwork, collage) or a video or audio recording of up to 1:30 minutes length. (Please note that this is optional and no requirement; the application form is enough for your proposal to receive full consideration).

You can download the application form here:

Please keep to the specified word limits. In the interest of fairness, applications that exceed the word limits or include additional materials beyond the ones listed above, will be disregarded.

Submitting the application

Please send the completed application form, along with a supporting creative illustration of your ideas (if applicable), as attachments to an email to with the subject line: “Activist/s-in-Residence Application: YOUR NAME”


The deadline for applications to be submitted is 10th September 2019. Applications or parts of applications submitted after that date cannot be considered.


All applications will be assessed by a panel made up of the Director of Queer@King’s, members of the Queer@King’s Steering Group, and the Arts & Humanities Research Institute Manager.

The criteria for assessment are:

  • originality, innovativeness, and promise of proposed activist work in its form, approach, and/or content;
  • focus on causes and groups that may otherwise struggle to receive attention or are under-served/under-represented in mainstream LGBTQ+ activism;
  • feasibility of proposed ideas to meet the stated aims and achieve the indicated outcomes with the time and resources available;
  • match between the resources, support, context, and infrastructure that we as a university-based queer centre can offer to amplify activist work proposed.

Preference will be given to proposals which might find it especially challenging to find other sources of funding and support for their proposed project.

The successful applicant/s will be informed in mid/late September. Applicants are advised that the award of the residency will be conditional upon the nominated activist/s-in-residence’s acceptance and commitment to attend the ‘Happy New Year Queer!’ start-of-term social on 3rd October 2019. Please save this date in your diary when submitting an application.

We aim to contact applicants whose applications were not successful on this occasion to explore alternative possibilities for future collaboration with Queer@King’s.

What we seek

What we offer


“We all have to rise in the end, not just one or two who were smart enough, had will enough for their own salvation, but all the halt, the maimed and the blind of us which is most of us.”

Maureen Duffy

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